Johnson-O'Malley Program

The Johnson-O’Malley Program (JOM) is a federally funded program that assists in the educational needs of Native American students by providing supplemental funding for programs within the school system.

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Who is eligible for JOM?
All Native American students who have ¼ degree or more of Indian blood and students who are enrolled members of a federally recognized Indian tribe are eligible to participate in the JOM Program.

When are the JOM meetings?
You’re welcome to join our quarterly meetings at the Fort Washakie School administration building. We advertise the meeting dates and times on the reservation radio news station,  KOVE 1330 AM, and in the Wind River News. We also send parent notices home with our students.

What are the goals of the JOM Program?
We conduct a needs assessment every three years to determine our students’ greatest needs. Using the results of the assessment, we develop student services and programs for JOM-eligible students. The JOM parent-led committee strives to meet the established goals by hosting events and workshops that provide a positive interaction between parents/guardians, children, and staff.

JOM Parent Committee

The JOM Parent Committee is composed of parents/guardians whose children attend Fort Washakie Schools. We hold new elections every year to fill vacancies within the parent committee. As a parent/guardian of an eligible JOM student, you may become a member of the JOM Parent Committee. We encourage all parents to actively participate in their child’s education through this unique program.

JOM Coordinator

Jenine Foote
Home School Coordinator / JOM

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